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  1. Last week
  2. im ready to kill the xlpc scene, are you?

  3. Earlier
  4. Time to close the xlpc scene again! Cyaa soon!

  5. It's timeeeeeeeee! Dust of those acc's

  6. @Kelsie i still love u, don't think i don't bbg.

  7. Can't be touched! #goodnightdome

  8. might aswell make  yfzbald007 admin lmfao hes the only one posting 

  9. OOOWWWWW yesssss

    1. Cubie


      @yfzboy007 stfu belgium cuck

  10. Get on teamspeak!! IMPORTANT!!!!

  11. TS is still up. 


    People still come around on it. Come and chill if you have some time boys. 

  12. Kraaa papapaaa verryyy sooonnn

  13. fuck happened here

  14. More info comming soon!!

  15. Kraaaa PAPAPAAAAA

  16. cd need the old forums back

  17. Yfz taking over!

  18. #Conor McGregor Gonna fuck shit up!!! Legggooooo

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