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  1. Last week
  2. The horns shall sound once again!

  3. Earlier
  4. Reminder to last weekend: Was ezz AF  #1 CDpridee

  5. I bleed purple

  6. Called us out and got clapped LMFAO

  7. Can someone change my name to Young Pure on forums plz btw free steve @Dillon wru??

  8. 3 super pures ready for battle, hbu?

  9. gl 2morrow will hopefully be back in time

  10. Heard y'all needed a legend or two....

    with that being said give my legend rank back and i'll see you all tomorrow :D

    1. B S E Rs

      B S E Rs

      come on ts brother

  11. We are ready, are you? 

    1. TBR


      Finally, hand in hand once again

    2. Brap


      say wallahi

  12. Huge Circle-Jerk happening on TinyChat after saturday's rune war. be der 8======D

  13. Start contacting everyone you can 

  14. i cant read that topik matti posted

    1. Mmbros
    2. Greasyalice


      well i feel someone needs to be kicked.

    3. Brap
  15. It is times boys 


  16. Come on teamspeak

  17. Start looking alive

  18. Lmfao CD still holds the throne

  19. cd killed eop

  20. TBR

    Critical Damage 1 Year of OSRS

    Greatest clan, Greatest people and the Greatest memories
  21. Paying 50m to anyone who wants to shave their eyebrows on stream

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