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  1. Yesterday
  2. 50m drop party at 11 pm est

  3. Good job today boys, did amazing <3

  4. Be on SNIPERS, pk trip in 2hours [email protected]!


  5. Last week
  6. @Greg pm me on ts or discord

  7. cube shut up type it to the bottom of the ts :D philly wanker

  8. @Mamu plz ! forgive me i wont never harrash you anymore whit the gay stuff im so sorry my lil fin brother :,(

    Edited by Cubie
  9. Feels good to own the wildy again! #1 cd pridee

  10. cd till I die

  11. Earlier
  12. i think cd can make a good comeback mrms titties squirt milk

  13. @MaMu katos pikkupoikahan se siellä

    1. MaMu
    2. Cubie


      narkki :D en oo vetäny vauhtii puol v! ja vähän hatsii nii juu kulta rakas kunnon narkki :) <3 @MaMu

  14. /Query “Zeke” on irc to spy 

    1. Pabz


      Irc in 2k19

  15. Where is Dillon's intro? 

    1. Singles
    2. nate_-


      lost it somewhere in his car

    3. Singles


      That nigga still tryna find his 9th brain cell don't expect to see his intro anytime soon

  16. If you're wishing to join, post introductions

  17. Be on for p2p pking tomorrow

  18. Be on for p2p pking tomorrow

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