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    Well what can I say, I made a few topics a few months ago letting legacy openly know I was a member of their clan. They took it as a bluff and now I'm so high ranked in legacy I'm comfortable with leaking everything I have now. Stay tuned
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    Just wanna give a shout-out to all of CD that came through today, OGs knew what was expected and it was a walk in the park, good job to the new recruits being thrust into an intense rivalry with the 2 highest pulling clans atm and outlasting and out-returning clan vets, keep up the good work all! #CD BE ON FOR P2P SAME TIME TOMORROW!!!
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    was too ez lmao. '15 pures in game of the 45, get in fucking game, this is a joke'. Legashit can't even keep there own pures returning because they know they'll get demolished - Echt he
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    Massed up a fast 20 Purple Bearded Niglets to come pillage the rev caves on this glorious Thursday night. Ran into some Rage Bears which we dispatched of quickly but no Legashit in sight. Another uncontested pk for CD and with some nice loot. 9,349 pictures because #1.
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    Massed up a quick 15 Purple Warriors to clear the rev caves and make some bank. We pked and made some bank. 100 pics because IDC.
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    was like fuk it yolo nobody will be @ chaos altar pking. got hit by 3 different pkers and CD HCIM is still strong af i was wearing full graceful btw btw can confirm LY was not there big pussy clan
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    account #1 Account #2 Account #3
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    First pic: On June 9th with Zeke leading. Second Pic: on June 11th with Greg leading. Some other team dropped our boy for a Ballista. CD CD and I came back and retrieved that shit from their dirty hands.
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    I like the part when the guy who hadn’t talked the whole time says in his disappointed voice “we just need returners.” I hope that’s JD because that disappointment was gold and that guys a flaming faggot.
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    Whats good people, uploaded my first commentary last night pking on my pure, didnt know it was so hard to talk and pk at the same time haha. show your boy some love
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    oh wow u got them there lads I cant wait for Saturday and sunday im free all weekend!
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    @BELLATRllXXspotted omg
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    I pick flax irl
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    Wrong colour hair retard
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