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    ok, i accept, lets go!
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    had like 6k before some downie deleted all the ranks CD Englands never forget where you are you crack head fuck hope u die slow nigga get ur +1s
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    Just wanna say that I didn't do anything wrong to get banned but anyways I will say sorry to Brap because I know he has a mad ego, so sorry Brap for getting you mad because I was hitting you in FOE's trip. Ps. I still hit everyone in the LPC scene but I won't be hitting CD members in xLPC because we in the same clan, duh...
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    & Where is the guys that was hyped bout CD reopen like @gilb & @cubie
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    optometrists in aussie land must be shit
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    gj vidding the smoke sesh i’m high off legacy
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    Multiple members kicked, and now members crying about losing war supplies. Imagine being this broken l0l
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    You seem like a gr8 guy so yes I did sub
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    Reading this shit in 2019 and it's hilarious
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    what was the score bro?
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    guy is making HUGE POINTS imo who wants to be a pawn for rich ppl and ur broke and how he described trash leaders wasting their gear n supplies lol war is war but if ur general has cerebral palsy and keeps gettin u killed fuck wasting ur bank for some gimp like that also bald dudes stick together
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