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    Ly members right now Not getting off until close btw.
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    yikes all they have is sharkbrew status updates now
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    imagine that, your rivals get 30 minutes of clean action and you didn’t even know about it lmao
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    LY is a sick fucking rat piss clan that makes me want to spew my guts. It’s so satisfying to destroy them on the weekends and in the rev caves. CD won’t rest until those faggots fucking close. Fucking disgusting.
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    Congrats to everyone that got promoted especially my boys @jay. @Greg. very well deserved and good shit everyone else for dicking down ly week in week out.
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    Love @XxTwlTcHxX's dedication! That's what it's all about! CD baby!
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    Big weekend, need the shooters
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    Lmfao som1 edit with rank names over the ppl in the gif
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    I used swordfish because i was getting camped constantly by Rage for reminding them 7-1 and that we’ve closed their clan 2x before. so flame off plz and ye i made my own topic lmfao suck my dick
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    We approached Supremacy for a F2P Pkri knowing what they are cable of in F2P. We had expectations of Legacy showing face today, but it seems the fear we've installed into their brains kept them from hitting the login button on or fight world. We massed up and started with 33 people defending Chaos dwarves. Critical Damage Starting: 33 Supremacy Starting: 35 The fight went back and forth with strong piles on both sides and quick returns, our piling, spams, and transitions were close to impeccable. After the 30 minutes, supremacy spammed gf and took ending in singles. Gf supremacy '
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    The late night smoke sesh started with a 15 man revs trip clearing the caves and collecting our due tax. Word spread some LY RATS were trying to steal our loot so we massed up a quick 25 purple warriors to hunt the blue hats. We started off on a quick and clean hit which left LY sitting at the bank wondering why their ranks left them for dead and why none of them are showing up to events. LOL! After a few more hits and a few more clears LY were completely wiped off the map and CD walked away with some fat loot. Word on the street Lord Ex is finally looking for a job after realizing LY isn't working out for him.
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    Building the wall one big dick at a time
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    Started our day off getting word Legacy decided to make their first appearance in multi (after massing for 1hr 30mins) since the absolute slaughter they suffered last week. we quickly massed up hoping for another 2hour fight. Sadly Sam learned from his mistake and instantly ran and teleported the moment we logged in to them. Critical Damage Starting: 52 Legacy Starting: 33 Soon after we ran into Apex, Outrage, Rage and Supremacy and a fight ensued. The fight was clean for about 10 minutes until every clan decided to move to single. This fight and every fight after was clean as legacy didn't even attempt to crash us. Straight after we fought Rage north of corp, piling and transitioning until the fight was crashed. Legacy decided once again to login at east graves attempting to crash a fight (lol), we quickly logged in chasing them to west graves then down the edge where they ended their trip (30mins in). We defended horseshoe as apex rushed in, the fight was clean up until outrage logged in. With the pre-arranged agreements to team on crash outrage/apex ran to bear from horseshoe then to gdz where we battled it out until every clan decided to move to singles. We approached Apex for a 1v1 at corp hill they accepted with the obligation to team on crash, we fought for 15 minutes clean until foe came and turned it into a 3-way cluster. We fought in this cluster for roughly 20-30 minutes absolutely clean (not 1 Legacy crasher in sight). All in all, action-packed Saturday while Legacy had 1 senior member leading the trip while all officials were mia.