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    Ill update this periodically.
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    welcome back hang out on ts and come to events
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    Firewave nmz with tomb of fire
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    firewave nmz tbh, stun alch is too much clicking barraging, too expensive
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    firewave nmz
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    Raptors vs Golden State who y'all got? I'm going for TORONTO!! LETS GOOOO
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    This topic is sponsored by Brainwash: Are you constantly dying in revenant caves, but hear from your ranks that you are apparently winning? Are you spending a lot of time in singles/logged out waiting, and getting told by ranks there is no action? Well, you might be getting brainwashed! More information can be found by sending a private message to one of these ranks! Scott#2451 TBR#1850 Matti#0473 Hansis#7421 Zeke#2807 Introducing: Biggest joke clan of 2019 - Volume 2 On Monday we fought and cleared legacy x5. However, they still managed to fake endings, call other teams to assist them. But to no suprise, they made aftermath topic. Which is just standard legacy propaganda. No surprises there. You can see our topic here: On Friday we pulled 31 CD members and cleared legacy yet again around 6 times. We outpulled, outsmarted and baited legacy and ended up taking the win over 6 times. They attempted to call some randy ass pure teams and even called the main clan rev to come help them. We killed them aswell. There is no other side to this. We deleted them off the map and cleared whoever tried to assist them. Topic can be found here: BUT HOW THE FUCK CAN YOU TELL YOUR MEMBERS YOU WON AFTER THIS BEATDOWN? I have included every single picture they posted on their aftermath in spoiler: THEY ONLY KILLED 1 CD MEMBER ALL TRIP LOL Topic can be found here: https://legacy-rs.org/topic/2691-legacy-caves-052419-ending-cd-ft-dc-bp-and-main-teams/ One of our members KDR for the day. Refer to cape counter/video - Clean clear with not a single CD member dying. (1/2) - Clearing legacy (2/2) Clearing the team that tried to login and help them LOL - Refer to minimap at the end (Bad tank pov) VIDS:
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    if you're not re joining I didn't ask
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    Play while reading: 2 Hour trip but only a 3-minute video? LOL 1 minute into their video ( Their 2nd fight of the day) They already went from 90 to 70 opts on ts. (But still only had 40 people in game??) (Pictures from their own aftermath topic) Imagine losing over half your clan within 30 minutes of a trip LOL The ultimate meme: "No pk for CD" (Sits in single with 64 people spamming "no pk for cd" after losing every single fight they had, getting gwassed by their rivals(Fi) and being to slow to hit the fights we dominated) "No PK for CD" Got twice the action you did with a smaller pull. (Video is literally double the length) Gwassed several clans. Dominated all trip.
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    no one cares richynoggin just rejoin cd lil dude.
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    If they are pulling out all the stops now and can’t win, what the fuck are they gonna do when we start pulling high.
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    Imagine staying in such a clan
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    Just wanna say that I didn't do anything wrong to get banned but anyways I will say sorry to Brap because I know he has a mad ego, so sorry Brap for getting you mad because I was hitting you in FOE's trip. Ps. I still hit everyone in the LPC scene but I won't be hitting CD members in xLPC because we in the same clan, duh...
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    to busy playing with ur bald head my man
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    Reading this shit in 2019 and it's hilarious
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    Sadly... lost 211m @ duel... BUT THE HATS WILL NEVER GOOOOOOO!!
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