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    "There is no leaks in here" - Leaked audio 04.17.2019
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    4 weeks ago I put a plan in motion to plant leaks in Purge because we knew where the leader's attitude toward cd stood. Over those 4 weeks, we have amassed over 40 hours of Purge audio recordings. To no surprise, it is as embarrassing and demoralizing as we expected. Pm Zeke#2807 to spy
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    Holy moly its only been two weeks and the TS3 leaks are coming out
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    Cant see it but can confirm rage sux 7-1 ezpz
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    Thanks for the extra motivation Kane we'll be seeing you soon
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    this is so ez, @any legacy watching dont confuse my name for it, i been legacy swat before your shit clan.
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    @Zeke this is so ez for you lmao any legacy reading this, your leadership is fucking dogshit.