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    ok, i accept, lets go!
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    So I was dmed on discord, and apperantly someone is leaking nudes of CD officals. So far only Scott has caught the extent of this breach of privacy. Below is what I was sent.
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    Just wanna say that I didn't do anything wrong to get banned but anyways I will say sorry to Brap because I know he has a mad ego, so sorry Brap for getting you mad because I was hitting you in FOE's trip. Ps. I still hit everyone in the LPC scene but I won't be hitting CD members in xLPC because we in the same clan, duh...
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    nigga posted a pic of him kissing the floor
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    "There is no leaks in here" - Leaked audio 04.17.2019
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    had like 6k before some downie deleted all the ranks CD Englands never forget where you are you crack head fuck hope u die slow nigga get ur +1s
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    Before we start i had some conversation with a legacy member and his thought after all their rank stuff got leaked. Not looking good! Here is some of what he had to say! Hide contents Kenny is fighting for the nazi's boys. Big intel man cookiezs knows it all. Hide contents When you realise you fucked up and see your drops pull. Yoinks! Hide contents David acting like hes not a rank in his own clan and thinks in "his" clan things would be different? Hide contents What a nice community Legacy has. Hide contents You can't ever complain about a main hitting you EVER again dirty scumbags. Hide contents The big 500 IQ move from David to just bank 24/7 and tele out rather than fight. What a great mentality sir! The big 500 IQ move from David to just bank 24/7 and tele out rather than fight. What a great mentality sir! Hide contents My guy 2h best kid, get out while you can! Your ranks are leaking you are innocent! Hide contents Very wise idea to improve, fuck practice! Hide contents Yes, you run like dogs. Hide contents I wonder why u got banned =] Hide contents One prep win and they won't prep the same clan anymore lmao. What a mentality Hide contents No we have @Conway you won't even win that war. Hide contents Caws my man, get out! They just flame you. Hide contents Reveal hidden contents Hide contents Hotgun and Brady if you out there i feel sorry for you Hide contents Exdee Hide contents
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    made this new youtube intro. thought we deserved one after slapping shitters feel free to use: download link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/ozhpy2nxu0u3s3t/Untitlegggggdvd.mp4/file
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    enjoy i made this for the clan
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    I joined your clan on a pure I had sitting around just for the fun of it. Been damn near 2 months now lol. I'm not spying just yet. I mean I am spying but not for CD. Just for my own amusement. I'll leak everything when I feel it's time lol. In the mean time - Happy finding me!
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    memorize this song for tonight. ABDULLAH RISES
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    foots only going to press harder on the neck
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    @Zeke this is so ez for you lmao any legacy reading this, your leadership is fucking dogshit.
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    holy alliance vs slave alliance didnt know you were Eos during that time.
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