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    Just wanna say that I didn't do anything wrong to get banned but anyways I will say sorry to Brap because I know he has a mad ego, so sorry Brap for getting you mad because I was hitting you in FOE's trip. Ps. I still hit everyone in the LPC scene but I won't be hitting CD members in xLPC because we in the same clan, duh...
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    Thanks for the extra motivation Kane we'll be seeing you soon
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    @xElxmarvilxrejoin I got an account, just needs a little work
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    You say you've been here from the start but I couldn't find your name on the ending ML signature?
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    Drop that intro dude
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    Thank U obama
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    The real question is why arn't you there? Because you both were shit and still are
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    and the only insecure one is wearing a bandana rip lmfao
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    Both are shit idiets
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    shut yo dumb ass up you irrelevant crack head
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    Suck a dick retard stop hitting me on lpc trips
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    Made by Maxx#4655
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    Didn't watch the vid but I would rather buy Ethereum
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    Heard Oregon is 500 pounds if he drops down to 495 is he still considered a bit overweight? thx
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    Don't forget Conor hasn't fought for a couple years either!!
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    @Don lolololololololo