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  1. Sauce

    First drop from Hydra

  2. Sauce

    Mission Accomplished

  3. Sauce

    CD gfx & sigs

    Lenin's retired rn, callum probs best bet
  4. https://www.runescape.com/twitch-prime Free 1 month of membership AND the Abdullah Look
  5. Sauce

    Get your Twitch Prime

    new amazon + new twitch = abdullah
  6. Sauce


  7. Sauce

    Count to 20,000

    wtf is this l0l
  8. Sauce

    Get ready... It's Time

    shut up bitchh
  9. Sauce


  10. Me personally been enjoying my vacation
  11. Sauce

    what do u most miss

    Just chillin with cd
  12. Sauce

    Hassan lmfao

  13. Sauce

    Another Religion

    yes my brothers!
  14. Sauce

    My first trip with cd

    Damn bruv
  15. Sauce


    Happy birthday para
  16. Sauce

    Dick sizes?

    18 inches of wrinkle foreskins
  17. Sauce

    Serious Question

    I got a snake in my boot
  18. Sauce

    Online username

  19. Sauce

    Usain Bolt ting

    Grats Sosa
  20. Sauce


    ur not trusted shut up More trusted than u, thats for sure says the friend rank who said dont trust me with money cus i got hacked by england Yet I have so many vouchers of me training their accounts? I've done services for 10+ people now bud. Just cause we got "beef" doesn't mean you gotta try damage my name bud. Now go along and keep going with your OCD "U S0UND LIK DILLLIONNN NUFFF SAIDDDD" fuckin spastic LOOL THIS NIGGA GOT TRIGGERED L00000L gg idiot go back to your weak rap shit in Colombia go back to being fat and having a scrawny gay ass voice bud 90% of the time you sound like your having a stroke, the other 10% of the time your obsessed with me, go neck it