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  1. might aswell make  yfzbald007 admin lmfao hes the only one posting 

  2. fuck happened here

  3. soon.

    1. Shabba Ranxx

      Shabba Ranxx

      this nigga been saying soon for 18 months

    2. Sosa


      i hope not, fat ass llama

    3. nate_-
  4. free swag of rs <3

  5. Money motherfucking Squad BABY

  6. Training up is key, mkaaaay

  7. Finally got my stone island shirt, its super cutee :D

  8. can we introduce flamewars every friday, 1 on 1 flamewars every1 else muted, and the others has to rank who the best flamer was? would be fun xD

  9. Who remembers when england took over the site and deleted every1 haha xD fun times

  10. i feel good sometimes i dont

    1. ParaCommando
    2. Buky


      you mean you feel gay