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  1. @Swag Of RS

    TB is now F2P

    TB For F2p Ez Fearless main clan ez kill now fr33 r00n for CD 1 def pure clannn gg abdullahs
  2. TB For F2p Ez Fearless main clan kill now fr33 r00n for CD pure clannn gg abdullahs
  3. @Swag Of RS

    Purge Audio Leak #1 - "We got spanked"

    Lmfao these pussies trying hard
  4. @Swag Of RS

    Swag and his wife at work

    Say Mashallah bro
  5. @Swag Of RS

    Swag and his wife at work

  6. @Swag Of RS

    CD Ending Sig

  7. @Swag Of RS

    The Legends Apology to CD

    Just wanna say that I didn't do anything wrong to get banned but anyways I will say sorry to Brap because I know he has a mad ego, so sorry Brap for getting you mad because I was hitting you in FOE's trip. Ps. I still hit everyone in the LPC scene but I won't be hitting CD members in xLPC because we in the same clan, duh...
  8. @Swag Of RS


    Lol have fun my bro
  9. @Swag Of RS

    The truth

    Not gonna lie I did leak locs to my boy tea book and his cc But they did help us
  10. @Swag Of RS

    Reopening CD

    lmfao clans actualy thought april fools niggers
  11. @Swag Of RS

    Goodbye friends

    CD brought the best memories for me during my years of clanning. When I was with Imperial, CD took us under their wing and made us feel at home. When imperial merged with CD, that was one of the most dominants period for CD, the most active and we where one of the most hated in the MPC scene. Now that CD closed all these other clans are telling us to join them, e.g. EOP, FOE etc from lpc and Fearless, and OB from xlpc. And tbh I don?t wanna join any of them because the community are completely different to what CD felt like. From my experience coming from other clans such as SV, imperial and other closed clan CD had the best community which felt like a family. Even though I kept constantly getting banned on ts and getting my forum account deleted for trolling, I always remained apart of cd. And now that we are closed, we just deaded off the whole xlpc scene from good action. Just wanna say thanks CD for everything, only reason I played was for CD. Ps. I won?t be joining either EOP or FOE, or any random xlpc, I?ll be quitting or probably just taking a break from the game. But I will continue sniping every single clan, idgaf which clan it is