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  1. I bleed purple

  2. <3


    retired for good, thank you all

  3. Go signup for sundays trip cunts

  4. nice smites today +1s etc

  5. good shit yesterday, lets go hard on recruits and events this week boys

  6. crazy virgins man, crazy

  7. Feels good to be white, rich, drive nice cars and good looking.

    1. Sosa


      life is gonna hit u hard 

    2. Bloody Xworm

      Bloody Xworm

      lmfao 3/4 wrong. Ur white Bro il give u that

    3. Buky


      to bad ur poor irl

  8. 4 PM EST / 9 PM GMT - BE THERE  
  9. Big Trip Sunday ~ BE ON TO KILL CLANS 4 EST 9 GMT  

  10. very very bad clans