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  1. WHOS HYPED AS FUCK FOR THIS WEEKEND'S OPENING PK TRIP ON SUNDAY?!?!?!?!?! Get on teamspeak and chill with the fam!!!

  2. Big big prep ting coming up Saturday!!! Max your accounts!!! Practice eating your pizzas. CD doesnt break.

  3. Singles

    Aim for 90+ Str 80+ range asap
  4. MAKE ROOM IN YOUR SCHEDULES!! PREP ON SATURDAY AT [email protected][email protected]! GO CHECK THE WAR ROOM!!!

  5. Make yourself familiar with upcoming events by checking the War Room and Daily Events sections. WE NEED ALL OF YOU AT THE PREP [email protected]@@@@@@@@@@@@

    1. Albania


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  6. GJ to those who were present at inners today.... hope to see more of you there tomorrow, SAME TIME KNUCKLEHEADS

  7. @@@@@@BE ONLINE @ 5PM [email protected]@@@@@ IDLE IN TS ALWAYS

  8. cd with the big dick

  9. i want shout box BITCH


    1. Matti


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