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  1. No stopping until closure
  2. TBR

    purge quality ft bonus meme

    Hansis on fire
  3. Be on tonight for P2P

  4. No more messing about. We ignored them up until now. After today they’re getting it both barrels

  5. :Kane: I wonder what happens next

  6. Max out, Recruit and keep doing what you're doing. The Pure world will be on its knees once again

  7. BE ON TOMORROW - 2est/7gmt

  8. Proud of you boys last night. 

  9. yooo

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  10. TBR


    Such a Geeke
  11. Keep up the recruiting. Need to see more imperial in here @remortality @white zetro

  12. @xElxmarvilxrejoin I got an account, just needs a little work

  13. TBR

    Connect to TS

    go time soon