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    RE: How long will CD Last?

    The end is near
  2. A full day of bullying retards, feels good.

  3. Firstly be on today 2est /7 gmt. Secondly go ahead a post applications.
  4. Only just getting started baby!
  5. Legacy won’t last

  6. TBR

    Biggest joke of 2019

    Seen clans do what they’re doing 20x. All of those clans closed. They tried everything they could this weekend, mains, level 3s. This was literally the best legacy can possibly be. Not convinced they’ll last.
  7. Only just getting started. Want people to start getting more involved now! We could be back to 100 pulls within a month

  8. Great trip, thanks to those who attended. Gwas balls for days

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    yup kill ly today
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    connect connect connect
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    @old friends

    Rejoin pals @Papy @xElxmarvilx @Young Pure @juanse75 @RichyNoggin @Berbom @Sesamea @Nike
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    Legacy p2

    Before we start i had some conversation with a legacy member and his thought after all their rank stuff got leaked. Not looking good! Here is some of what he had to say! Hide contents Kenny is fighting for the nazi's boys. Big intel man cookiezs knows it all. Hide contents When you realise you fucked up and see your drops pull. Yoinks! Hide contents David acting like hes not a rank in his own clan and thinks in "his" clan things would be different? Hide contents What a nice community Legacy has. Hide contents You can't ever complain about a main hitting you EVER again dirty scumbags. Hide contents The big 500 IQ move from David to just bank 24/7 and tele out rather than fight. What a great mentality sir! The big 500 IQ move from David to just bank 24/7 and tele out rather than fight. What a great mentality sir! Hide contents My guy 2h best kid, get out while you can! Your ranks are leaking you are innocent! Hide contents Very wise idea to improve, fuck practice! Hide contents Yes, you run like dogs. Hide contents I wonder why u got banned =] Hide contents One prep win and they won't prep the same clan anymore lmao. What a mentality Hide contents No we have @Conway you won't even win that war. Hide contents Caws my man, get out! They just flame you. Hide contents Reveal hidden contents Hide contents Hotgun and Brady if you out there i feel sorry for you Hide contents Exdee Hide contents
  13. TBR

    Legacy p2

    @Member @Old School @Experienced @Council @Elder @Elite @Legend @High Council