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  1. Imaging using real life money to beat CD, and coudn't fully clear us either ! Cd vs World and we won't break !

  2. Tommrow i'm closing Legacy.

  3. Simba

    quick friday sweep

    In the mean time, ly massing to hit us xD 7 strong cd bank made by the time :D
  4. Simba


  5. Simba

    Hardstyle, DnB etc

    da fook
  6. Keep going wooky
  7. Simba

    CD vs vr ft rot/arrowz

    haha i came on my pure for 30 minutes, it was fun lololol got like 4 kills with blasts
  8. Simba

    @old friends

    @Matsyir @BELLATRllXX come our Elite
  9. Simba

    @old friends

    & Where is the guys that was hyped bout CD reopen like @gilb & @cubie
  10. It is what it is.
  11. Hello Julian, i don't know exactly when u gain def exp, becarful tho, that already ruined one of my accounts Dont take any risks if you are not sure, we need u this weekend Hope someone else can answer your question
  12. Simba


    yay they fucked up :D
  13. Simba


    Come discord bro we'll update ya :D
  14. Simba

    Post your intros!

    Already did :D
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