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  1. B S E Rs

    RE: How long will CD Last?

    full of rejects from clans we've killed in the past lmao won't last
  2. B S E Rs

    Biggest joke of 2019

    Ly won’t last
  3. B S E Rs

    New fag.

    seems like the main version of xl
  4. B S E Rs

    Ahhh yes, a classic.

  5. B S E Rs

    We Playin' Runescape YouTube Video

    Im feeling some tupac vibes
  6. B S E Rs

    Old Cd

    bitch ass motherfuckers banned me for 10 years off of that site
  7. B S E Rs

    Saturday F2P PK 5/11

    They can all come at us im ready
  8. B S E Rs

    CD vs vr ft rot/arrowz

    We do it all baby
  9. B S E Rs

    Echo Of Silence rapes Wilderland

    very gorrrd
  10. B S E Rs

    Has it affected you?

    yes most certainly
  11. B S E Rs


  12. Too bad for him this is just the start
  13. Can't wait to kill that shit clan