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  1. T7T7T7T7T7T7



  2. B S E Rs

    Why drugs has slumped Cd?

    Reading this shit in 2019 and it's hilarious
  3. B S E Rs

    Purge Audio Leak #1 - "We got spanked"

    This cringe fucker is the one talking all that shit?
  4. Purge better get used to getting the purple dick like they did today

  5. Thanks for the extra motivation Kane we'll be seeing you soon

  6. Get on teamspeak boys P2p trip - Massing at 2pm est

  7. Be on tomorrow for #1 P2p

  8. Got the whole scene shook, great job today 

  9. I'm already at the mass, are you?

    1. BT Black Son

      BT Black Son

      duhhh been there since last week 

      Edited by c h a p o
  10. B S E Rs

    1v5 Clutch

    Trashh OT: Nice win my guy you forgot to drop the Cd wins again spam tho
  11. Great job today purge got put in their place

  12. Anyone under 80 cb contact @Brap for cheap training services

  13. B S E Rs


  14. B S E Rs

    free mcdonalds

  15. Go check announcements to win ez gp

  16. Get the strap im quick to wack a nigga off, no homo

    1. king cd mrm1

      king cd mrm1

      wack me then kid #yeshomo

    2. CD Finestt

      CD Finestt

      Kanjar. Go do your path. assi kale ni hagee

  17. 60 abdullahs next weekend can we make it happen boys

    1. legacy swat

      legacy swat

      looks really good mate,  thanks for updating

  18. B S E Rs


  19. Start connecting to teamspeak

    1. Buky


      dil da ni mardaaaa

  20. B S E Rs


    Give this man leader