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  1. nate_-

    Happy Birthday, Mmbros !!!!

    yung quarter life crisis happy birthday homie @Mmbros
  2. nate_-


    where's gc?
  3. nate_-

    TeamSpeak - Come chill

    i'm the only one still idling smh y'all blood turned back to red
  4. nate_-

    When Nate is hungry on a school trip!

    shut ur chemo looking ass up
  5. nate_-

    The real Abdullah

    mohammed 1107
  6. nate_-

    Easiest game's of my life.

    l00000000000000000000l @ stop dodging you pussy
  7. nate_-

    CD Pre-EOC

    High Council GreasyAlice :rofl:
  8. nate_-

    what do u most miss

    late night flaming/karaoke/rapping sessions
  9. nate_-

    Hassan lmfao

    look at him still trying so hard to convince people they closed us lmfao people know what happened, but hey whatever helps little mike hazime sleep well at night
  10. nate_-

    Spare time

    more time to jerk my dick tbh
  11. nate_-


    negative ask
  12. nate_-

    The truth

    then i hit @@Dillon several times for fun and @@Calu once as well