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  1. PICwarior381


  2. PICwarior381

    African Myth explains his side of things..

    He's black who cares what happened @BT Black Son thoughts?
  3. PICwarior381

    Champions league

    Get off my dick plz ty you dumb baguette
  4. PICwarior381

    Champions league

    I feel like Barca is gonna win it they are way too strong this year But Juve got the man himself Cristiano Ronaldo so who knows and Man City also have their chance to win it they are solid
  5. PICwarior381


    That nigga doesn't get any pussy
  6. PICwarior381

    How many clans

    Not counting Pre-eoc Bad Timing
  7. PICwarior381


    Hell ye finally, he'll make so good changes in the squad Hopefully they can make bank with Gareth Bale that nigga is so useless
  8. PICwarior381

    Yo Sub To Echo On Youtube guys

    ^ gay
  9. PICwarior381

    Post your intros!

  10. PICwarior381

    Mission Accomplished

  11. PICwarior381

    Racist Jokes

    A black man and his son are at the beach Son: Dad can I play with your penis? Dad: Okay but don't go too far
  12. PICwarior381

    mac miller init

    damn RIP
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