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  1. Innterfere`

    New fag.

    LOL mfwmfwmfw
  2. i feel like theyre not addressing enough of the core issues ie ragging/skill gaps+ barrier to entry
  3. Innterfere`


    raptors all day, got g7 momentum to carry over against bucks that game winning shot .. bruh kawhi's a mad man warriors should win, they won 4-0 in playoffs 2017
  4. Innterfere`

    Has it affected you?

  5. Innterfere`

    Shitty Cp/Doom remake

    fuckuser has disconectfro, channel what a legend
  6. Innterfere`

    @Halal I got banged?

    plot twist man joined the portal with no food to look good
  7. Innterfere`

    Apologies for serious flamming.

  8. Innterfere`

    Legacy p2

  9. Innterfere`


    ez for frankerZeke
  10. Innterfere`


    what a champ
  11. Innterfere`

    How many clans

    Goin over this list...holy smokes I used to be such a clan hopper LMAOOOOO Divine Kings, PH, Corruption, EoS, Exodus, VR -- 420, RDK, Genocide, Frozen Fury -- CD, TLP, Unbreakable, EoP
  12. Innterfere`

    Favorite old school (pre eoc) YouTube pker

    jiglojay bonesaw bamf / ice giant 99 spark mac1
  13. Innterfere`

    Short term account goals

    - 80 mining on main - train up xlpc to 50 att and 75-80 str