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  1. Thiafentanil

    Legacy cleared x5 pic dump

    ill be there next time nice dump
  2. Thiafentanil

    Biggest joke of 2019

    Very good analysis, bunch of shitters in their clan lmao
  3. Thiafentanil

    We Playin' Runescape YouTube Video

    im not feeling this, bootleg version of blueface
  4. Thiafentanil

    Early Saturday Rev cave sweep CDCAVES btw

    Big loots nice thread
  5. Thiafentanil


    where we droppin
  6. Thiafentanil


    whos that
  7. Thiafentanil

    Has it affected you?

    Yea, started playing games when I was like 7, can tell that it has
  8. Thiafentanil


    YoungBoy Never Broke Again?
  9. Thiafentanil

    this thread is cursed do not press

    Bad memes men
  10. Thiafentanil

    Hardstyle, DnB etc

    Share hardstyle, hardcore, DnB bangers. Got a 6+ hour playlist on SoundCloud with bangers, HMU if u want a link