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  1. Sesamea

    Old Cd

    miss the main days, those were some amazing times
  2. Sesamea


  3. Sesamea

    TB is now F2P

    time to start tbing mains that are too scared to lose 200k lmao0o00o
  4. Sesamea

    The True Golden Times.

    seeing the rune sets pop up was the bestt
  5. Sesamea


    lmao starts at +10 ends up going -40
  6. Sesamea

    Solo Arcane Boys

    yours babe = )
  7. Sesamea

    Solo Arcane Boys

    100m = )
  8. Sesamea

    Anyone from Old Battlescape?

    there was a cd unit on battlescape back then but eery1 got hacked so we quit
  9. Sesamea

    Rocket League Ps4?

    i feel like buying that shii
  10. Just maxed my account and went straight to the duel arena
  11. Sesamea

    Real Real TB

    back when nobody knew how to tank and every1 used swordfish....i miss those daysss
  12. Sesamea

    Call of duty

    no moneyy
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