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  1. Demmm boys, 3-0?????

    I guess CDWINSAGAIN!!!

    Keep training those accounts to 65 cb before the 19th of august!!!

  2. I only wanna see lvl 65's on the 19th of august!

    1. Buky


      65 in full rune

  3. 11 days till DOMINATING the scene,.... AGAIN!!

    Everyone connect to teampeak and be active on forums!!!

    There is only one spot for CD: #1

    1. Cubie


      yes father

    2. Buky


      who gave u smelly council

  4. Oh boy, ohh boy. We almost back to dominate the scene! CD babbyyyy

  5. But what if i fall?

    What if you fly?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. TBR


      but what if he did?

    3. ParaCommando
    4. yfzboy007


      Tell all your moms i said hellllloowwww

  6. Recruiting trip in spain atm. Everyone scared of CEEDEEEE

  7. @TBR does yo sister miss me? Tell her i said hellloooww <3

    1. nate_-


      heard she got an actual mirror for her bday so she doesn't need the back of your head anymore

    2. yfzboy007


      To bad a mirror can't help you. Ling ling (if you don't get it with yo rice brain, you can't open your eyes idiet) @nate_-

  8. On vacation and Weeejoww just checked forums on my phone.  What is thiiiisss?

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    2. yfzboy007


      1 hour ago, TBR said:

      You getting a sun tan on your bald head?

      Nah just chilling with yo mommie over here

    3. yfzboy007


      34 minutes ago, B S E Rs said:

      the fuck is a weeejoww?

      It's for gangsters in my country

    4. Sauce


      3 hours ago, yfzboy007 said:

      It's for gangsters in my country

      confirmed big gang member