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  1. Reminder to last weekend: Was ezz AF  #1 CDpridee

  2. We are ready, are you? 

    1. TBR


      Finally, hand in hand once again

    2. Brap


      say wallahi

  3. Time to close the xlpc scene again! Cyaa soon!

  4. It's timeeeeeeeee! Dust of those acc's

  5. Can't be touched! #goodnightdome

  6. Get on teamspeak!! IMPORTANT!!!!

  7. Kraaa papapaaa verryyy sooonnn

  8. More info comming soon!!

  9. #Conor McGregor Gonna fuck shit up!!! Legggooooo

  10. Demm CD destroying clans midweeks? GF RP and the rest of the shitclans! CD TO STRONG!

    1. Buky


      why do you sound surprised?

    2. yfzboy007


      Didn't know my D could handle it. Lucky it's strong AF

  11. OHHHHH yess, almost time to go out in the wildy again. CD going to clear everyone!!! #1 cdprideee

  12. You got 6 days left to get that 65 cb!!! BE READY FOR NEXT WEEKEND TRIP! Stay active!!

  13. Good job boys!! We smoked everyone @our opening trip!! Stay active on forums/teamspeak and be ready for next week!!! CDPRIDDEEEEE

  14. On the count of three I want everyone in CD to scream at the top of your lungs "FUCK THE WHOLE PURE SCENE" One, two, three! "FUCK THE WHOLE PURE SCENE!!!" CD IS GOING TO DESTROY EVERYONE TONIGHT! let's fucking GOOOOOOOOO

  15. Demmm boys, 3-0?????

    I guess CDWINSAGAIN!!!

    Keep training those accounts to 65 cb before the 19th of august!!!