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  1. shadow mac

    Skillers in cd

    looking for someone to help me get 1750 total on my main Or firstly get 54-60 mining poke me on ts or pm me prices P.S. Unlucky flame for getting the demoted hammer
  2. shadow mac

    Most cash you had on Rs

    7.6bill eoc when I quit oldschool #theluringbros
  3. like 20 heart attacks LOL
  4. shadow mac

    Money Making

    lavas if mage training, 200k-600k an hour between 2 people
  5. shadow mac

    Judgement wanna go P2p clan r0fl

    good shit bullied out of ftp
  6. shadow mac

    Judgement #1

    *law starts P2P* *flames cd* *cd shows up* *law ends* *law posts winning topic on forums* *law closes*
  7. shadow mac

    prayer question

    Fuck it just make sure you have a pure in the cb range to pk with
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