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  1. Whats up boys


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    2. Berbom


      come home chels

    3. Own u 1107

      Own u 1107

      omg i missed u

    4. B S E Rs

      B S E Rs

      yesss my nigga be on this saturday

  2. Chelsealion3

    yo chels wuu2 bro

    I'm mad, can you tell ! (I even posted on cd forums!)
  3. Chelsealion3

    what year did you start playing runskep?

    too long ago
  4. Chelsealion3

    The richest cunt I've ever seen..

    He owns a betting website called runebets he is also the biggest rwt that has ever played the game.
  5. In a recent update there was bug that jagex patched under "Major Bug Fixes" that was never explained. It has come to the surface now that this one of the most if not the most gamebreaking glitch to ever come to oldschool runescape. This glitch was based on using the gmaul on Corp and then logging out this caused invincibility. The person who discovered the glitch had 30-50 accounts killing corp and he was making thousands of dollars a day. This is his story......... Jagex have tried covering this up this game mechanic that existed, the impact it has had on the game is clear to see in the video. This also allowed the account to be logged in for weeks without jagex being able to track the account so they did not even know it was logged in. The bug all came about when he was at a corp mass and speced corp with a g maul then logged out to preserve his stats boost, when he logged back in he was invincible nothing would attack him back. He then got a friend to make a bot programme for which he ran up to 50 accounts killing corp, the only reason it got patched is because his friends got jealous of all the money he was making irl and reported him directly to jagex. So if you found this bug would you of told anyone??? Album of screenshots : http://imgur.com/fIeDbfd,2dQB3pJ,jQcu9Ed,dFJGCca,8omkLVF,d84Naju,Ow6Ijho,trRhA84,qSZWL5N,XLDxLX2,VLfBGnW,5DJNREN,L117cOY,NbvQLHk,HRXpOdt,xvwwpIp,59UO5un,2yXq6Gn,p5hJ1Ht,ZlZo7en,3hcO6Pd,NWypu5g,IJBs7hM,oFrUhsf,rZdNKkX,yvGjVoK,AgzJDY4
  6. Chelsealion3

    Drunk B0aty

    Roundhouse kick to a tower of buds Matrix move How its supposed to be done Boatys attempt... Nearly hung himself on livestream.
  7. Chelsealion3

    F2p Single

    u got my R2h i lent in the 2nd week of os still?
  8. Chelsealion3

    Chelsea Blue Devils....

    CHELSEA !!!!!!
  9. Chelsealion3

    Sailing on 07

    I know but its actually in game and you can lvl it
  10. Chelsealion3

    Champions league Quarter Finals

    Chelsea #1 Barcelona will beat athletico Madrid will smash Dortmund Chelsea will beat PSG on away goals :D Man United, do i really need to predict this just look at the premier league table
  11. Chelsealion3

    Wildy rejuvenation

    you could take items worth 1gp(junk items) and just alch with no risk. But thats probably bug abouse so they will patch it like nmz magic...
  12. Chelsealion3

    Nmz Magic Nerf

    They polled the nerf and it didnt pass, they made out it was a bug so they could fix it. Pretty much Jagex do what they want, they dont care about players.
  13. Chelsealion3

    Nmz Magic Nerf

    Its basically impossible to train mage there now, with the free runes.
  14. Chelsealion3

    Nmz Magic Nerf

    Looks like i will be 87 mage until osrs dies, so much for power to the players. J mods will do what they want, its going to be the same old story they will ruin the game again.