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  1. Own u 1107

    Fotball discussion

    O m g Ajax winning against Juventus City losing to Spurs in a shocking way
  2. Keep training up, and sign up for the weekend.

  3. Own u 1107

    Legacy's weekend trip (2 minute pk video)

    thats how long it takes me to cum
  4. Own u 1107

    Fotball discussion

    Do u guys live there or something? or else i dont understand it. @Joey Ajax did great btw, better than United. I was watching united, but got bored and switched to Ajax who dominated Juventus at home.
  5. Own u 1107

    Fotball discussion

    Which team do you support? Me - Chelsea atm Liverpool and Man city are in a tight race to win the title with Liverpool not having won a title since i was in diapers. Rest of 4 English teams in a close race for the last 2 spot to qualify for champions league but Chelsea and Arsenal also has Europe league to qualify for that. Champions league got all 4 English teams atm in quarter final. I think it will be Man city vs Juventus and Liverpool vs Barcelona in the semi final. Dortmund and Bayern munich in a tight race too . Both Psg and Juventus already winning the title in ligue 1 and Serie a.
  6. Own u 1107


    u think ur slick, Cp sam will come for you.

    1. Greg


      What happens if you don’t wake up

    2. Own u 1107

      Own u 1107

      Then you dont have to train up

  8. The sooner we all max out our accounts, the sooner we will become #1. Take advantage of training/quests services if you need help.

  9. Own u 1107

    to all the new members

  10. Own u 1107


    typical brits smh
  11. Be on Saturday 2est

  12. Own u 1107

    Champions league

  13. Own u 1107

    Champions league

    I think its either Barcelona and Juventus
  14. im waiting for my apology topic from you
  15. Own u 1107

    How many clans

    Corruption, Solace, the titans, Reign of terror and Sovereign.