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    Why drugs has slumped Cd?

    1. When Cd had 90% brown people , we were much better ingame and also cw (when imps was in cd) and that is because most brown people has a strict culture and family. I went and asked You poked "Swag Of RS" with message: do u do drugs "Swag Of RS" pokes you: no bro You poked "Swag Of RS" with message: why "Swag Of RS" pokes you: its haram hmm. went and asked his fellow brother. and this is the answer i got. You poked "'HALAL ROOTS" with message: do you do drugs? yes or no "'HALAL ROOTS" pokes you: no? 2. Also 75% of our leadership didnt do drugs back then compared to now. This has made us slack and this the longest run without us achieving #1 spot. Like look at @Cali Cali. That guy sound high all the time, talks slow and he has been in the clan for 1-2 year but still has a shtty account. We have some of those here. The bad ones. Keefsosa and Rocky - ex officials during this era who had the potential but never actually reached it due to being a drug users. Drugs has made our ingame performance worse and the people has become more lazy. The attitude called dw bro its going to work it out . I believe if everyone in the clan didnt do drugs for the saturday we would be so much sharper and focused. I know every clan has people doing drugs, but they know how to deal with it compared to us. We recruit from edgeville and those guys are sad nerds who live a boring life so they will be using a lot of drugs which will fuck them up badly. Like who the fk pk in edgeville in 2017 by yourself? Ok, i dont wanna make long topic so no one reads but i got more and i am i ready for you mad noobs to flame me.
  2. Own u 1107

    Fotball discussion

    O m g Ajax winning against Juventus City losing to Spurs in a shocking way
  3. Own u 1107

    Fotball discussion

    Which team do you support? Me - Chelsea atm Liverpool and Man city are in a tight race to win the title with Liverpool not having won a title since i was in diapers. Rest of 4 English teams in a close race for the last 2 spot to qualify for champions league but Chelsea and Arsenal also has Europe league to qualify for that. Champions league got all 4 English teams atm in quarter final. I think it will be Man city vs Juventus and Liverpool vs Barcelona in the semi final. Dortmund and Bayern munich in a tight race too . Both Psg and Juventus already winning the title in ligue 1 and Serie a.
  4. Keep training up, and sign up for the weekend.

  5. Own u 1107

    Legacy's weekend trip (2 minute pk video)

    thats how long it takes me to cum
  6. Own u 1107

    Fotball discussion

    Do u guys live there or something? or else i dont understand it. @Joey Ajax did great btw, better than United. I was watching united, but got bored and switched to Ajax who dominated Juventus at home.
  7. Own u 1107


    u think ur slick, Cp sam will come for you.

    1. Greg


      What happens if you don’t wake up

    2. Own u 1107

      Own u 1107

      Then you dont have to train up

  9. The sooner we all max out our accounts, the sooner we will become #1. Take advantage of training/quests services if you need help.

  10. Own u 1107

    to all the new members

  11. Own u 1107


    typical brits smh
  12. Be on Saturday 2est

  13. Own u 1107

    Champions league

  14. Own u 1107

    Champions league

    I think its either Barcelona and Juventus
  15. im waiting for my apology topic from you
  16. Own u 1107


    is back to Real Madrid now. He won 3 champions league titles in row and quit real in 2018 due to disagreements with the boards. I really hope Hazard stays .....Chelsea is banned for 2 transfer windows
  17. Own u 1107

    How many clans

    Corruption, Solace, the titans, Reign of terror and Sovereign.
  18. Own u 1107

    Best time on RS?

    holy alliance vs slave alliance didnt know you were Eos during that time.
  19. Own u 1107

    Best time on RS?

    2009/2010 the w32 bh days / w17 fally There would be action every day at all time. We were new to teamspeak yet our community was so much fun. 2012 was great year too for me as a fighter. Also 2015 when we first reopened as pures for the first time and the wildy was so active which kind of reminded me about w32, w17 fally days.
  20. This was our last anniversary 10 years is a long as fuck. I been here since the start btw ...just saying...not bragging...but i am a sick fuck and i love it. i am a grandpa of this clan so put a respect to my name biatch
  21. I am a sick fuck and i like a quick fuck

    1. Innterfere`


      my boy own u west out here

    2. B S E Rs

      B S E Rs

      oh yeah bud?

  22. Own u 1107

    10 years anniversary next weekend

    you put me on eventually after the people called you out, but i refused to use a signature made by a snake who dont know his own members.
  23. Own u 1107


    is a blessing in disguise. I been using it for couple days and it brings me back to irc days on swiftkit where you would communicate at all time. it brings everyone into the community and get us closer to each other than ever before. Thank you discord.
  24. Own u 1107


    yooo i forgot u can talk on discord. Would be nice to have discord on phone so u can talk whenever ur bored.
  25. Own u 1107

    btw guess what

    Im in los angeles now. so if anyone who i know wants to meet up, let me know. I will be there for around 2-3weeks. You dont need to be in La, it can be other areas in Usa aslong its not too long and worth it. went to forums just to post this and to my surprise i see my brother abdullah is making a return.