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  1. SMorthorst

    Smoke battlestaff

    Hey guys! 1 year ago, I quit OSRS. I had a an opportunity I had to take, considering playing Volleyball on a pro level. Now, 1 year later, It didn't work out. I want to start playing OSRS, but I have nothing at all. I remember, before quitting that I were splitting a Smok Battlestaff with one of you guys a LOONG time ago, I gave you over 2m, which was pretty much for me back then. Anyone of you remember if it was you, cause I'd love to get those 2m back (I were called AoF King back then, around May last year.)
  2. SMorthorst

    Today was a good day.

    works now?
  3. SMorthorst

    Today was a good day.

    Yay! - http://prntscr.com/74fimd
  4. SMorthorst

    Was bored, so I made this...

  5. Hey guys! I made the post yesterday about my comeback to CD - My old account is now a main, so Can't use that. I just started a pure, and I will need help to catch your lvls. If anyone interested in helping me, send me a message! Thanks CD! One love.
  6. SMorthorst

    AOF King here with explanation

    My pure is only 20 ish. But I would love to be a ranged tank if possible
  7. Hey guys. I do not believe all of you know me, but some of the senior members may do. I once was a CD, but dropped out cause i was not able to follow the CB req duo to not have time to play because of my volleyball carrer as some of you might know. For the people who where following it, I can now tell I got a contract with a Senior team in the best division in Denmark, and have now moved away from my parents in an age of 16 years old. I do play volleyball proffesionally, and do therefor not have time to play as much more, but I have decided to try and start in CD again - if I am allowed. I started a pure yeserday . 20 range and attack and magic so far, and trying to level it as much as I can. If some old members who remember me would add me ingame - "Quaz" - (Renamed from AOF King) - so I could talk with you guys about being accepted as a member again.
  8. SMorthorst

    60 people!

    oly shit guys! wp!
  9. SMorthorst

    Denmark in a nutshell..

    This made my day! Fcking couldn't stop laughing!
  10. SMorthorst

    OSRS passes EOC for activity

    This just makes us have even more enemies to wreck!
  11. SMorthorst


    Looks nice! :D
  12. SMorthorst


    Holy shit, we banged Fuse so hard. They are not gonna be a rivalry for now! There is noone beating this 30+ CD! CDFOR LYFE! http://imgur.com/4143SCf
  13. SMorthorst


    Yo guys! The forum seem pretty dead, and it is all understandable.. People are getting back, and it is nice to see how we grow everyday! It would be amazing if we could get the forum to work as a "Pub" aswell as our info-bank (Sorry, my english is not that good) - I hope you get it. - Write whatever the f*** you would like to! :D -Glad to see the clan grow! :D - Range is fcking on Fire! And as a question guys - Read this and please answer! -