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  1. haru Ranger

    TB is now F2P

    =0 [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] 0=
  2. haru Ranger


  3. haru Ranger

    So, This Happened today.... >.<

    Thank you all for your words of encouragement =p
  4. haru Ranger

    So, This Happened today.... >.<

    Niice. wana be a slayer pure w/ me ?
  5. So, I fucked up today. I ruined my 1 def while training some how. and I decided i'm going to be going for a slayer pure. If I stay the coarse, I'll be 85 Combat at 60 att, 99 STR / Range/ hp / mage, 10 def, 52 prayer. New goal, Create a New breed of Pure. where we attain 99 slayer at 85 combat. yes it can be done at lower combat's. but since I haven't seen any others out there with the same mind set, I'm dubbing this style as being a "Slayer Pure"
  6. haru Ranger

    Elder Sith coming up with the D Bow PK

    Niiiiice! Congratz! now you can Onion with us =D
  7. haru Ranger

    75 Strange, on the way to 80+!

    getting rid of my 50 att. going for 60 then i'll power through the Strange... Kurama.. ain't no body got time for pictures!
  8. Alright, so i'm tired of being the weakling when it comes to the skim pushes. so yesterday i started training my str. it was at 73, now i'm 75. and hope to be 80 by the Sat =D CD SKIM PUSH! Here i Come!
  9. haru Ranger

    Go shorty, it's my birthdaaaaaaay

    Happy Birthday! Hope you have a good one!