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  1. Entangle


  2. Entangle

    Champions league

    who cares as long as madrid not up there barca #1
  3. Entangle

    20 def or no?

    dont know havent pure clanned in a minute
  4. Entangle

    Best time on RS?

  5. Entangle

    lol doom?

    they closing anyways bro leave them alone
  6. only the scenes that involved sexual activity
  7. Entangle

    p2p pk trip 5/29 pic dump

    wtf looked lit i needa train my pure for p2p lol
  8. Entangle

    Training Weekend

  9. Entangle


  10. Entangle

    smells re intro

    5. Do you have any experience with Clans? If so, which clans: sovereign (zeke reffed me) 6. Do you know anyone in CD, if so, whom?: ex-sv oldschool zeke
  11. Entangle

    Another one

    Who said i can't xd then do it and rejoin cd u fuck face bitch fagot fuuck u eat shit
  12. Entangle


  13. Entangle

    Another one

    u can train a pure whilst doing raids on a main pussy