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  1. Legacy = parody doom


  2. Ⱬeke

    RE: How long will CD Last?

    gonna die just like doom
  3. Ⱬeke

    NBA Finals

    Warriors as usual kid
  4. Ⱬeke

    poor guy

    Fucking shit kids, ty for 3 ballistas in my bank btw
  5. Legashit bullied like the rats they are l0l. Be on tomorrow 2pm EST

  6. Ⱬeke

    Biggest joke clan of 2019 - Volume 2

    Legashit a bunch of suiciders
  7. Ⱬeke

    Zeke tactics

    Killed 10 people running down out of 40 stupid jaja rat, nice 10 man ballista trips
  8. Ⱬeke


  9. BE ON TODAY 2 EST / 7 GMT. 

  10. 70+ abdullahs this Saturday

  11. Legashit dominated in primetime gmt

  12. Ⱬeke

    Biggest joke of 2019

    If they are pulling out all the stops now and can’t win, what the fuck are they gonna do when we start pulling high.