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  1. Gilb

    The Legends Apology to CD

    Ly swag
  2. Gilb

    Champions league

    City barca final
  3. Gilb


    Own u is zidane but black
  4. Gilb

    Short term account goals

    Nice my pure is 86 slayer atm maxed thinking of 13 Def got 1.3k slayer points to spend could have a nice helm if I get a head drop
  5. I don't think there was a bad content creator for pking back then. So sick
  6. We've all watched them when we were younger and we all aspired to be like the late greats. Who were your go to pkers back in the day? I loved elvemage and noob rider videos. Shit still gets me hyped now watching them! I remember making an account with 70 range and 40 Def when I was young and geared up and wildy pked in similar gear to them with the msb and mystic LOL!
  7. For those of you who play the game past clanning, what are your short term goals for your account? My pures low total level so I'm going to grind some none combat out and get its total level up and I'm still contemplating 13/20 Def for slayer helm as I'm 86 slayer so will help towards tasks
  8. Gilb

    This weeks gains

    Good lad
  9. Gilb

    20 def or no?

    im thinking im going 20 def
  10. Gilb


    Gives us our first target doesn't it. Feel sorry for them
  11. Gilb


    Lmao some dead ass dead clan mass up wannabes piping up.. They are a merge of numerous shit clans that have closed with the skill of a ferret playing golf.. This should be motivation for you guys.. Shortest time of an open clan from forming incoming?
  12. Gilb

    @B S E Rs song request at the club

    Hyuck hyuck I just done fucking my cousin
  13. Gilb


    Same old own u never change bro