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  1. Chris-


    Hows the clan world nowadays? I quit RS couple month ago so I'm behind on everything. Cd On Chest
  2. Chris-

    Fotball discussion

    With City not having the champions league and extra game to play it just means they can focus on the league now which i think they will probably not drop any points now sadly.. They will probably obliterate Spurs tomorrow like 3-0 or something. Liverpool will still keep breathing down their necks tho until the final game so it's going to be tight.. Barcelona might have Messi but we have the best defender in the world and their defence and play is sloppy as we saw against United.. If Liverpool could somehow grab the double this team is would be amazing!
  3. Chris-

    Champions league

    But yet go to the final and lost due to bad fortune? 2 goal keeper mistakes and our main player being intentionally injured?? I have faith liverpool will go all go all the way but if not then I’d say Juventus.
  4. Chris-

    20 def or no?

    I'm 20
  5. Chris-

    10 years anniversary next weekend

    We own
  6. Chris-


    Who cares they suck
  7. Chris-


    Everyone join CD
  8. Chris-

    Bonne annii

  9. Chris-


  10. Chris-


    Ah yes
  11. Chris-


  12. Chris-

    This is great!!

    Thank god
  13. Chris-


    Yes men
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