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  1. Big Trip Sunday ~ BE ON TO KILL CLANS 4 EST 9 GMT

  2. No more slacking, opening trip next weekend I expect a purple wall of 65cb pures & every single one of you making an effort to ensure a solid first trip. Lets go.

  3. It begins... Be the fuck on for the opening trip.

  4. Be on for the F2P prep Saturday ~ 4.30EST 9.30 GMT

  5. Be on for the prep Saturday, train up those accounts to 65 Combat.

  6. Check the War Room for Events.

    Prep Saturday & Open next weekend. Be ready

  7. Big prepper this Saturday, don't be shit. Check War Room.

  8. Redemption time boys, Saturday 11th F2P Prep vs Nightmare.  

  9. Redemption time boys, Saturday 11th F2P Prep vs Nightmare.

  10. Work towards the prep ready icons, one more weekend till we open baby lets go.

  11. Make sure to get in your last training for today and tomorrow. First pre-opening prep vs Nh 5pm est. Be on and bring your A game 

  12. Be on for prep. btw - Saturday 5 EST / 10 GMT

  13. Big prep this weekend, be on homies.

  14. 2-0 miniwars today, easy.

  15. RP piping up, gl lmfao