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  1. King Dete

    was easy btw

    Fake postcount tho
  2. King Dete

    Hottest Album of 2018 so far?

    Cardi b don't @ me
  3. King Dete

    Custom sigs

  4. This whole part made me lol lmfao especially the second sentence
  5. King Dete

    The truth

    I ddosed alby a few time
  6. King Dete

    From Imperial

    Imp+CD was such a fucking powerhouse
  7. King Dete

    Ending Sig

  8. King Dete

    TOP 10 posters in the CD-ERA

    lmfao half of that shit is fake as fuck. brap barely had 2k pc before he left for eop hello?
  9. King Dete

    quick question

    Thats a hard one
  10. King Dete

    Online username

    Vitalz hits and pet439 lol
  11. King Dete


  12. King Dete

    Cubie destroys hassan

  13. King Dete

    2 more months

    This makes me think of bdo look it up
  14. King Dete

    Astro's spreading the word.

    Wtf lmao
  15. King Dete

    4/3/18 F2P Pic Dump