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  1. Greg

    poor guy

    mandatory tele runes in f2p and no +1s in p2p yikes
  2. Greg

    No Shame

    This dude just has no shame funny af
  3. LY who? Did they even go out yesterday?

  4. Greg

    Biggest joke of 2019

    Cp Sam striating at graves - “look at these pussies who won’t come fight us at Corp. cp parody clan wins no pk for cd” entire pure scene in tally lmfao
  5. Greg

    quick friday sweep

    Ly at bank typicall
  6. Greg

    TB is now F2P

    Make w308 great again
  7. Greg


  8. Greg

    Has it affected you?

    wouldn't doubt it probably the reason why I can't see the zekes and bsers of the world at night...maybe
  9. Greg

    1k pc

  10. Greg

    How many years?

    I think my main gets the 15 yr cape this winter, played on and off like most ppl here