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  1. i still have my baby pure, if any one wants they can use it tbh, i'm not bothered might jump on it some day current stats: bank atm: (il leave it on there, idc) got edge spawn and a house with glory, portals and altar which i dont rly use haha has flippers and 0 xp in pray and def, i'd like to keep it that way, might get some pray on it some day, if ur using it i'll let u know hit me up on teamspeak or forums
  2. young papi

    Critical Damage Singles Unit Pking

    my boys <3 cant wait til i get back from vacay imma kick some asses glad to see u little boys progress
  3. yes its true im going profisonal after dis track
  4. https://soundcloud.com/kamal-chemlal/criticaldamage + litel bit of sneke peak of video ( i went 2 beach for make video is good qwality had good purpol lightening bcus cd = purple XD np
  5. young papi

    My New Sig! :D

    lool my sig prettier tho
  6. see how cheeky i am using imp in a box ahahahahha
  7. young papi


  8. young papi

    laptop broke

    yea man i got a replacement
  9. young papi

    laptop broke

    ugly nerds, they told me my fan was burnt up lmao i'm getting it back tomorrow, replacing wasnt hard ezpz
  10. young papi

    laptop broke

    fuck me ass im getting it back in like 3 days or so, sent it in for fixings.. my fan wouldnt operate good, even after i vaccuumed it and took all dust out.. meh hope i won't have to pay too much
  11. young papi

    which cd member has the most downs

    lamao i tink stev his got big down syndorm XD
  12. young papi

    13 vs 20 def

    21 def, new breed
  13. young papi

    asap rock

    yoooo u late thats that 2012 joint i use to bump my boy ahaha, i think phoenix is my favo tho by flacko
  14. young papi

    Guess who posts next

    obvs michel jesckon