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  1. Oregon

    A couple things for CD

    fk u to buky
  2. Oregon


    who f2p pks ur a noob come p2p brid me
  3. Oregon

    Back in the days!

    u fucking dirty wanker show ur mouth u insecure little girl
  4. Oregon

    Back in the days!

    and the only insecure one is wearing a bandana rip lmfao
  5. Oregon

    CD Ending Sig

    nigga whats funny is you dont even kno what i look like you ugly fucking muslim id smack the shit outta you. Lemme guess you still suckin dick for a crack rock? fucking dumb fuck go beg someone for $5 for "gas" when the only transportation you have is a motherfuckin bike you fuckin loser kys
  6. Oregon

    CD Ending Sig

    shut yo dumb ass up you irrelevant crack head
  7. Oregon

    mac miller init

    RIP. Saw him live 2 times.
  8. Oregon

    To Nick

  9. Oregon

    streamer tries to shotgun beer

    actual yikes
  10. Oregon

    World War II

  11. Oregon


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