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  1. Mr Kernels

    Which clan?

    Hey guys I’m looking into starting back. Haven’t been active for atleast 2 years. Sorry to hear the news about CD was hoping to come back to CD. i have an account that is 83 str 80 range and 82 magic. What clan should I join? Thanks everyone
  2. Mr Kernels


    less than that.. less than a couple hours
  3. Mr Kernels


    which ones? pm me ill try to help you out.
  4. Mr Kernels

    Weekly reminder | Fire Cape

    do my 1 prayer account gf
  5. Mr Kernels

    Lihue's Firecape

    how much do you charge?
  6. Mr Kernels

    How much is this pure worth?

    account selling is retarded, you can always get your account back if you really wanted too.
  7. Mr Kernels


    id have to shoot his big ass
  8. Mr Kernels

    avatar and signatures

    ooooh okay thanks bro! question answered!
  9. Mr Kernels

    Any have a training service

    if you can get 51 hp I can get you 70 range in a day.
  10. Mr Kernels

    avatar and signatures

    hey guys im having trouble putting in my avatar and signature.....when I go under settings I still see no tab that says edit signature like I do on other forums....or avatar.....please help walk me though the steps gents, thanks a lot!
  11. Mr Kernels

    Fire Cape Service

    I want fire cape - Mr kernels- 81 range, 43 prayer...can get 44 when I log on in a few hours.
  12. Mr Kernels

    1 pure at a time

    im 62 combat? but I was pkin with you guys yesterday and all of yall are 80s and 90s would be pointless if I was there...I couldn't attack anyone