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  1. BlackMirror

    Blackmirror sucks

    Wow nice edit
  2. BlackMirror

    Blackmirror sucks

  3. BlackMirror

    Blackmirror sucks

    calu about to make fake pokes incoming
  4. BlackMirror

    Blackmirror sucks

    <15:46:38> "Calu" pokes you: tbh im scared to rm dont say anything
  5. BlackMirror

    Blackmirror sucks

    English pls
  6. BlackMirror

    Blackmirror sucks

    Calu used timer to cheat then was too scared to play fair
  7. BlackMirror

    Is him?

    Is Calu retard?
  8. BlackMirror

    What Brand?

    whatever is at payless
  9. BlackMirror

    Hey Calu

    3-0 Calu better luck next time
  10. BlackMirror

    The truth

    Sold CD ranks IPs for 1M each, but never got the money
  11. BlackMirror

    Lil Durk vs Byronbanks leader of Envy

    Thats not even him lol good try probably your alt
  12. BlackMirror

    Online username

    Different variations of Green (Grrn, o Green, Green mage, ect)
  13. BlackMirror

    @nate ?s New Music Video {LEAKED}

    Pro lvl editing
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