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  1. Calu

    Blackmirror sucks

    BlackMirror claiming I am making fake pokes but makes fake pokes too
  2. Calu

    Blackmirror sucks

    <15:54:36> "BlackMirror" pokes you: Good game you bested me in my own game you truly are the smartest person in cd
  3. Calu

    Blackmirror sucks

    easy ass game played like 5 times in my life while u played 10000 games and still beat u
  4. Calu

    Blackmirror sucks

    First one pic second 1-1 and third get fucked easy game
  5. Calu

    Blackmirror sucks

    nigga plays chest everyday and still couldn't handle the best
  6. @Own u 1107Mrm said he is fat (he gained 70 pounds) and he said to get on your on ts

  7. Calu

    Is he

    Heard Oregon is 500 pounds if he drops down to 495 is he still considered a bit overweight? thx
  8. Calu

    Hey Calu

    ???? you are a lier I never played with you
  9. Calu

    Spare time

    How?s school going for you? Did you finish grade 12 yet? still grade 4 ma dud but fr im in pharmacy rn so ya nigga we made it
  10. Calu

    Spare time

    im gay
  11. Calu

    Since cd closed...

    id suck your left toe for all that
  12. Calu

    The Actual Golden Day's

    vry noice