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ownu standing his ground

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For Phaeo

-15:02:49- (Own_u_1107) so Ell01 ur still gonna use the same old tactic
-15:02:54- (Own_u_1107) which killed ur clan twice in 2012...
-15:02:58- (Own_u_1107) u wer typing ur eos fa app when i was winning crashwars
-15:03:53- (Ell01) still butthurt
-15:03:58- (Phaeo) LOL
-15:04:00- (Ell01) rip corr/sol/cor
-15:04:04- (Own_u_1107) not burthurt
-15:04:06- (Ell01) oops
-15:04:07- (Ell01) TT*
-15:14:35- (Phaeo) ell01 getting flamed out by own u
-15:14:37- (Own_u_1107) he doesnt have any social life
-15:14:38- (Phaeo) even derek shut own u down
-15:14:41- (Own_u_1107) what you expect
-15:14:44- (Alorus) LOOOOOOL
-15:14:58- (Own_u_1107) runescape makes him feel irrelevant
-15:15:02- (@brian289) l0l
-15:15:04- (Fasty) u mean relevant
-15:15:04- (Alorus) lmao
-15:15:04- (Own_u_1107) relevant
-15:15:06- (Own_u_1107) fk
-15:15:07- (Phaeo) L0L
-15:15:07- (Own_u_1107) lol
-15:15:07- (Fasty) there u go
-15:15:11- (CooKSOn) LOL
-15:15:12- (Alorus) LOOOOOOL


-15:06:07- (Ell01) rofl
-15:06:09- (Own_u_1107) sol - rot now
-15:06:34- (Own_u_1107) and ur still at the bottom
-15:06:37- (Ell01) rot is made up of every spastic known to man whos clans have died
-15:06:56- (Own_u_1107) these spastic has beated ur clan
-15:06:59- (Own_u_1107) many times
-15:07:02- (Ell01) beated what
-15:07:03- (Own_u_1107) and they are #1
-15:07:33- (Ell01) Own_u_1107 your a nobody your clanless nigga shut your brown ass up
-15:07:38- (Ell01) your nothing but a pawn
-15:07:39- (Own_u_1107) i future rot
-15:07:44- (Own_u_1107) u retard
-15:07:48- (Ell01) your a fucking pawn
-15:07:50- (Ell01) you get used
-15:08:04- (Own_u_1107) ur clan died before my clan
-15:08:05- (Ell01) they die
-15:08:08- (Ell01) nigga
-15:08:38- (Own_u_1107) Ell01 your the reason eos will die for the third time
-15:08:41- (Own_u_1107) u retard emo
-15:10:21- (Own_u_1107) past crashwars u had vr to save ur ass
-15:10:28- (Alorus) l0l
-15:10:28- (Own_u_1107) or else you would have closed long time ago
-15:10:33- (Own_u_1107) but this time ur in crashwar
-15:10:35- (Own_u_1107) with ur daddy clan
-15:11:41- (+Del_Muro) you can't fool own u 117
-15:11:46- (Own_u_1107) who will save u this time Ell01 ?
-15:11:52- (Own_u_1107) you know ur in big trouble
-15:11:59- (Fasty) l0l
-15:12:00- (+Fusime) ye
-15:12:00- (Ell01) are you still speaking
-15:12:02- (Own_u_1107) and ur tactic will just kill u again
-15:12:03- (+Fusime) Own_u_1107 coming for you Ell01
-15:12:04- (Ell01) atleast trying too
-15:12:05- (Alorus) l00000000000l
-15:12:05- (+Fusime) watch ur back
-15:12:07- (Fasty) Ell01 got silenced by Own_u_1107
-15:12:08- (Fasty) lmfao
-15:12:11- (Fasty) keep going Own_u_1107
-15:12:12- (Phaeo) LMFAO
-15:12:14- (Alorus) your in big trouble lmaooooooo
-15:12:15- (Phaeo) OWN U GO ON
-15:15:19- (Ell01) do i even need to reply
-15:15:22- (Own_u_1107) no
-15:15:25- (Fasty) no we all know Own_u_1107 alrdy won
-15:15:26- (Own_u_1107) just
-15:15:27- (Own_u_1107) crawl back
-15:15:28- (Ell01) this guy makes himself look stupid
-15:15:29- (Own_u_1107) to ur cave
-15:15:34- (+Del_Muro) LOL

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gg own u in rot, rot gonna close, 4 kill streak for own u, enemy counter banana inbound its over

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